Buying a home can be exciting but nerve-racking experience with numerous steps to follow. To help you begin the purchasing journey, we’ve put together a guide to inform you of the initial process for buying a place of your own.

Professional / Executive Packages

Many lenders offer packages with a free credit card, savings account or discounted services with larger or multiple loans, including a discounted interest rate. We often have access to interest rate discounts on mortgages that are not available to you through the branches.


Home Buyers

Let us take the worry out of purchasing a property. We’ll help you find the right solicitor, arrange a building inspection, find the right mortgage and apply for the First Home Owner’s Grant..As your loan specialists, we represent YOU our client and NOT the financial institution.


Land and Construction

We assist local Tasmanian owner-builders and those contracting a builder to build their dream home. Our assistance starts with the purchase of the land and follows through to the last draw-down of the construction loan.


Refinance Home Loan

Refinancing, or switching home loans, can save you money. It can also free up cash for renovations, investment property and other purchases. First, you need to know if it’s worth doing, where you stand and what’s involved in refinancing your home loan.


Why refinancing?

Home loan refinancing can mean securing a loan that better suits your needs today. Learn some great reasons to refinance – and important things to consider before you do.

refinancing costs

As with any new loan, there are costs involved in changing loans. It’s important to weigh up what you’ll need to pay out against all the benefits of refinancing your home loan.

Potential Savings

Discover some of the ways you can save thousands by refinancing to a new home loan – and it’s not always about securing a lower interest rate.

Accessing home equity

Find out how using the equity in your home to refinance can help you achieve your property, wealth creation and personal goals.

How to refinance

Learn the steps to refinance your home loan and how easy it can be when you get a Finance & Mortgage Selection Team member/ Broker to look after everything.

Moving Home

Moving to your next house and want a new loan? Here at Finance & Mortgage Selection, we can take care of it all for you. We’ll answer all your questions about what can you afford, juggling homes, bridging loans and anything else that’s on your mind.

Offer invaluable advice and guidance

Whether you’re selling your old home while buying a new one, or turning it into an investment property, you need to plan and manage things very carefully. We bring the experience and advice to give you confidence at every step.

Work out how much you can borrow

Your mortgage broker can give you an accurate indication of your borrowing and purchasing power, saving you time and hassle.

Make your mortgage work for you

For example, if you’re doing major renovations, we might look at an equity loan. If you want to buy before you sell, a bridging loan. Want to draw a cheque for your deposit without juggling money? We’ll organise a deposit bond. It’s about making the loan work for you.

Secure you a better loan

Once your broker understands your specific needs and goals, they’ll analyse loan rates, features and packages from up to 25 leading lenders – and secure a deal that really works for you.

Help you free of charge

You don’t pay us anything for to our Advisors for their expertise, service and running around, because lenders pay us a commission when a mortgage is settled.

Investment Property Loan

Investing smartly in property can provide you with solid, tax-friendly returns and security. A vital key to good property investment – and lower risks – is getting the right investment property loan and guidance. We take the time to explain features that will suit your circumstances. This could be a redraw facility, basic home loan, introductory home loan, fixed or variable rate, or a combination of these. That’s where our expertise comes to the fore.

Offer invaluable advice and guidance

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced property investor, we are there at every step providing the expert guidance and answers you need to feel confident about your decisions on investment property loans..

Make everything easy to understand

They’ll walk you through different scenarios and clearly explain how much you can borrow, all the costs involved, the potential risks, and what to expect at every step towards buying your investment property.

Help you reach your investment property goals

A single investment property or large portfolio? Short-term or long-term? Cash flow or capital growth? Your broker can offer expert advice and walk you through loan options that will help you achieve your unique goals.

Find a better investment loan

Your broker will compare investment property loans from a wide range of leading lenders to find that one that really fits – so you never need lose sleep wondering if you missed out on something better.

Structure your loan smartly

Creating real wealth from your investment property requires more than just an attractive interest rate. Your broker can explain how types and flexibility of loans, the way you fund the deposit, the payments you make, and more, all come into play.

Help you free of charge

You don’t pay us anything for to our Advisors for their expertise, service and running around, because lenders pay us a commission when a mortgage is settled..